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From Dublin we had to navigate our own way up to Derry. A suggested route was provided. I looked at plotting my own route but it didn’t offer significant savings of distance or elevation, so I chose to follow the suggested route to avoid any ‘private land’ or ‘sustransy’ issues.

The rules for navigation to Derry were to avoid all Motorways, all main “A” roads in Northern Ireland, all main “N” roads in Southern Ireland, with the exception of being able to cross over or pass through an “A” or “N” road to continue a journey or re-supply in a town.

From the Derry Peace Bridge we headed north into the Republic of Ireland where the Wild Atlantic Way begins at Muff.

Here is a map from trackleaders.com that shows all the routes ridden by the riders this year:

Routes ridden to Derry
Routes ridden to Derry
Sunset near Omagh

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