Day 1 – Dublin to Omagh

#TAW2018: Day 1 – Dublin to Omagh

Day one went well. No aches or pains. Quite a few hills. Felt sick and had a severe headache from 2-4 pm because of the sun and heat(!) but felt better as soon as it cooled down. Fell over the bike whilst reversing it to take a photo of a cow. Bike and rider ok. Cow scarpered; no photo. Met lots of nice riders on the way. I think we’re like the cool kids at the back of the bus. Already regretting decision not to bring deodorant. Checked into hotel at planned time. This is as far as my planning went. From now on I’ll be ad-libbing it. Tomorrow to Derry and then onto the transatlantic way. Not looking at the weather forecast as there isn’t any point!

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  1. Hi James! You did a great race. I’m the Austrian rider who you met at the first day a couple of times.
    Cheers, Helmut


    1. Of course I remember! Congrats on completing the ride. What an amazing event! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


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