#TAW2018: Day 10 – Waterville to Kenmare

Woke up in the field in light rain after 3ish hours sleep. I got back on the bike. Lots of things are hurting so progress was slow and tiring!

A couple of American tourists I bumped into the preceding day and had chatted to spotted me and pulled over to say hello again which was nice.

A little later on I was pushing the bike up a super steep slope and a car slowed down as it passed. “Are you doing the Transcontinental?” – it was Paul, who had just completed the race and his parents who were doing a spot of sightseeing. We chatted for a few minutes – it was really great to meet them all.

Then when I reached the top of the slope and was taking a rest for a few mins, up the slope came another TAW racer Jakob. We’d actually shared a flat together at the uni on the first night in Dublin. He has been having knee problems. It was good to catch up.

The rest of the day was fine, just a little slow.

The hill towards the end of the day was great, an enjoyable climb and descent, not too busy.

Checked into a b&b. Didn’t need any encouragement to get to sleep.


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