#TAW2018: Day 11 – Kenmare to Kilcrohane

After having breakfast at the b&b I headed out into the rain. A persistent spray which was to remain on and off (mostly on) throughout the day.

After a gentle start, my route soon turned onto the coastal path of a peninsula. The road around the whole peninsula was very hilly. Lots of mainly short but sharp hills that were really energy-sapping.

About half-way round the route went off to the South-West corner where there is a cable car to an island, but I was more interested in the burger van that sold veggie burgers. The lady in the van proudly showed me their entry in the good food guide. They and the van at Malin’s Head are the only two vans in the guide.

There were some fast main roads leaving the peninsula and with the wind behind me made good progress and managed to get a few easy miles in. I booked a room at an inn that I could make it to for 10pm and cycled hard for a few hours to make it.

A large hill just before the inn ensured it was a challenging day right until the end, and the downhill was hampered by loose gravel on the road which meant is was not safe to get any decent speed going down.

My room at the inn was massive with a huge bed and the customary unceasingly large mountain of pillows.

Things that are hurting:

– my Achilles heel

– A couple of sores on my feet from sandal strap rubbing

– Blisters underneath the foot from cycling all night in the rain

– Slightly sore right knee

Everything else is all good!


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