#TAW2018: Day 3 – Manorcunningham to Killybegs

200km, 2,725m

Great breakfast from the b&b then hit the road 8ish. Really pleased it was overcast so a bit cooler.

I’m the morning I met Andrea who is competing in the TAWR along with her husband; they are riding their own races. Andrea has been camping each night. We had a great early lunch together at Glenveagh national park. Later on down the road I met her again – her gear cable had snapped. She had brought a spare cable and was going to have a go at the repair. Later on I saw she had checked in at a nearby campsite so I hope all went ok.

I also bumped into Tomas, a courier from London on a very nice Canyon bike.

And then later on at the top of a pass I met Joshua from Sydney. He had set up a bivvy but giving up on the camp spot as he was being attacked by midges.

We rode on through the countryside at night – good fun.

I had to get the miles in so rode until quite late and then eventually found a spot to bivvy. I put on my midge head net (SO glad I bought it!) got into the bivvy bag and even without airmat or pillow I soon fell asleep.



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