Knitting project: Vintage Cardigan

A friend posted a picture she’d found of a cardigan that she really liked and asked if anyone could knit it. One google image search later and I’d found the vintage pattern online. It’s synthetic which was nice to knit with and I used bamboo needles which were great to work with too. Vintage size = tiny! I learnt loads in the process and got some extra help along the way by popping into sessions with Aneeta at Knitting SOS.

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Cadence controlled LED bike lights

I built some cadence controlled LED bike lights this week to put on my bike for this weekend’s Dunwich Dynamo – an annual overnight cycle ride from London to the coast.

Here is a quick demo of the thing in action:


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Notes on notebooks


As a stationery geek and end-product control freak, I’ve made my own notebooks for a few years*. The design has evolved a bit over time. The steps involved are shown below.

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