Day 4 – Rotterdam to Amsterdam

After loading up on hotel breakfast we waved goodbye to Graham who was heading back to the UK for a cycling event, and we set off in the direction of Den Haag.

Today’s forcecast was dry. Yeah! Once the sun made its way through the morning mist, everything looked shiny and new.


The route I had picked passed through the midde of Den Haag, but sadly I should have done a bit more planning as it was the shopping streets rather than the historic centre that we saw.

After Den Haag and a coffee stop we made our way over to the coast to do the reverse of the route we had cycled last year when cycling Berlin>London via Amsterdam. Brompton dunes

The coastal route took us on an amazing cycle path for about 35km, through breathtaking scenery on gently undulating roads. When we had cycled it last year on a weekday in early October we hardly saw anyone else, and there wasn’t much open on the way. By contrast, today’s hot and sunny weekend weather had brought out lots of locals.

Brompton bicycles


There was also lots of places open to get food, so we stopped off at a place with outdoor shaded seating to have a proper lunch. We got there just at the right moment too, as we managed to get in our orders before a dozen-strong ladies cycling club showed up.

A short way along the coast there was a small fayre. Amongst the attractions on display were a helicopter, another airport fire engine, and a re-enactment of a car-crash scene.

We headed inland and through Haarlem – very picturesque and with a bustling town centre.

We were now heading East towards Amsterdam with the sun warming our backs. The scenery sped by effortlessly and we made it to our hotel in central Amsterdam by early evening.


We met up again with Khoi, who had travelled up from Rotterdam by train, and went out to dinner with Sarah who we’d recently met on a Brompton ride and was in Amsterdam with work. We found a nice Thai restaurant and celebrated making it to Amsterdam.

Rotterdam to Amsterdam, 104.7km (65.1 miles) Strava

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6 thoughts on “Day 4 – Rotterdam to Amsterdam”

  1. James, thank you for recording and sharing this trip with the world. Really interesting read, greatly assisted by the maps, photos and videos. I am interested as to which Bromptons you rode.

  2. Hello, I have been reading all the information on your trip and it sounds great. I am planning a trip from London to Berlin via Amsterdam and I notice you mention you have done that in reverse. Have you got a right up for this? Any tips, must visit places?
    Routes? Thanks Lauren


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