Advent project – GPS writing on London streets (and fields)

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Updated 24/12/12.

I have a GPS watch which I find handy when out jogging as it means I can run for a set distance without having to stick to a planned route. When you connect it up to a computer it shows you exactly where you have run (to within about 10 meters). You can do the same thing with a smartphone but they aren’t as convenient to carry, reference or operate.

I thought it would be nice to do an advent greeting message and combine it with a bit of exercise, so I went for a run on each day for the two weeks leading up to Christmas, and somewhere en route I jogged down streets to spell out a letter. I took screen-grabs of the letters and posted them here.

H: Tue 11 December – run home from work
A: Wed 12 December – run home from work
P: Thu 13 December – run to work
P: Fri 14 December – run to work
Y: Sat 15 December – Hampstead Heath parkrun

C: Sun 16 December – Gospel Oak -> Highgate -> Hampstead -> South End Green loop
H: Mon 17 December – run home from work
R: Sun 23 December – Sunday run
I: Tue 18 December – run to work (park shut so I couldn’t do the R I wanted to do! GPS not very accurate on this I either – a bad morning!)
S: Wed 19 December – run home from work (GPS not accurate on this one either 🙁 )
T: Thu 20 December – run to work
M: Fri 21 December – run home from work
A: Sat 22 December – Hampstead Heath parkrun
S: Mon 24 December – run to work

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