Day 27 : Taking a warm shower

There was no condensation on the tent in the morning, so I had the satisfaction of packing away a dry tent today.

Getting ready to leave

The campsite was right next to the canal path so it didn’t take long to re-join the Eurovelo 6 route heading west.

Painted lines on the cycle path – very organised

The path is straight and well-maintained which made for quick progress. There weren’t many boats on the he canal – possibly because there are so many locks – which also meant I was going uphill.

Lunchtime approached as I approached Montbéliard. I saw it as no coincidence, so headed into the town centre to find something substantial to eat.

Big lunch – lots of kms to go

The path switched over to following the river ‘Le Doubs’ – a slow, meandering river which cut its way through the hills that were now appearing.

I saw lots of fish in the clear river

Another fine day. The scenery reminded me of Scotland in terms of how clear everything looks.

Big hills! Luckily I was following the river.

For my evening’s accommodation, I used the warm showers website to find board for the night, as kindly recommended by a reader of this blog. Yesterday I searched the area Besançon to find a host, got in touch and arranged my arrival time.

I had a very pleasant evening with my really nice hosts, Adrien and Ai, who are passionate about cycling, and are experienced tourers. They even have a Brompton in their bicycle arsenal. They also very kindly made me dinner. A huge thanks to them and a big thumbs up for the warm showers concept!

Poppies I cycled past today

Mulhouse to Besançon, 155 km. Total so far = 2,380 km.

4 thoughts on “Day 27 : Taking a warm shower”

  1. I wouldn’t worry about the signs , anyway you’d be swimming and not bathing.

    We can’t believe the distances you manage each day , how many hours are you cycling each day and what is your average speed ?

    • I find the distance mainly depends on the hours cycling, type of path (I.e. smooth, rocky,..) and how hilly it is. The past two days have been along the river so mostly flat. Yesterday I took it very easy and also spent the first hour slowly pootling around the city (averaging 15.4 km/h over the day) and cycled for 6 hrs 20 moving time. I took a long lunch and always take lots of small breaks. My furthest day (the day before) was 18.6 km/h for 8 hrs 20 moving time. I try to do 80 km per day to make progress, but it depends on where I can find accommodation at the end of the day.


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