Day 3 : Less rain, less flat

I write this in my tent listening to the sounds of the evening birdsong and the wind in the trees.

This morning I had breakfast at the hotel and then rejoined my route which took me through the town centre and then out once again onto the country lanes.

Hotel-friendly luggage

With the exception of the lycra-clad road cyclists I didn’t see any one wearing a helmet. Scooter riders share many of the cycle lanes and most of them don’t wear helmets either.

The landscape is quite different to yesterday. There are a few slopes here and there and there’s noticeably less water about (still a lot though!).


The weather was sunny in the main part. There were two heavy showers during the day, but both times I was lucky enough to be cycling through villages that offered forms of shelter.

Bus shelter
Garage shelter

At around 5pm I searched for a nearby campsite and found one just a short cycle away. I have a great spot for my tent under some trees. The neighbours pitched their tent under a pear tree and from time to time I hear pears hitting their tent 🙂

Chateau vert

Once I’d got the tent up I went for a swim in the river near the campsite. The sun was out and low in the sky and there was no-one else about. A great way to unwind after a day of umm unwinding.

Wild swimming spot

As I had two big meals already I had a light dinner of porridge, half an unripe pear and a coffee.

I made this all myself

Utrecht to Arnhem, 81 km.

4 thoughts on “Day 3 : Less rain, less flat”

  1. Cubed cheese? This is why I live in England, where the cheese comes in slices.

    (Looks great btw, especially the swimming spot)

  2. Finally pictures of the tent, with all this talk of hotels i thought you gonna blow your budget in week 1!
    Keep the updates coming !


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