Day 39 : Long day in the saddle

Breakfast at the hotel was pricey so I visited the boulangerie instead. Having checked the ferry times and because the camp sites around here appear to have shut up for the Winter, I’ve booked my ferry for  Friday night crossing and will be making my way North instead of heading around the coast.

So today I cycled back to Saint-Nazaire and then up towards Rennes.

It was a foggy start, but it lifted by 10ish.

In case you haven’t seen fog before..

The first couple of hours cycling wasn’t too pleasant – rush hour in Saint-Nazaire, followed by cycling along busy roads with all the trucks from the industrial port areas. I also managed to pick a route that went by what looked like a Total oil refinery and storage facility, so oil tankers whizzing by every minute.

I did go through a lot of villages that were well provisioned with small shops though, so had no problem stopping a couple of times for snacks.

A good spot for a sandwich

Not many pictures today though because it was mainly just a day of cycling along country roads. Also a few small hills, which brought the day’s total ascent to over a kilometre – the most climbing in a day of the trip.

This church isn’t leaning over in real life

When I got towards Rennes I searched for a cheap hotel and all the really cheap ones are booked up. Maybe there’s some cheapskate convension on. Anyhow, I found a room, checked in, then popped out and found an Indian restaurant not too far away. Tikka massala very different to that in UK. And to celebrate being in France I had a garlic nan bread.

I thought these clouds looked nice around the sun
I thought these clouds looked nice around the sun

Pornichet to Rennes, 152 km. Total so far = 3,689 km.

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