Day 7 : Laundry day

I awoke at 7am and headed over to the owner’s part of the house for breakfast, where I was greeted by this:

Best breakfast ever

Not bad eh? The basket contains a fresh egg from one of their hens. Their part of the house dates back to the 1300s (if my German is correct..). Look at the size of the stone fireplace and clock:

Great grandfather clock

The sun was out and I went on my way, out through the countryside towards Münster.

I didn’t dance around this commemorative pole

Again a mix of roads and paths.


Münster has a great feel to it. It’s not too large, is bursting with history and culture, and feels alive. I’ve added it to the list of places I wouldn’t mind living.

Münster munch

There are lots of cyclists here, though I notice most of the bikes get locked up.

A street in the centre of Münster

A kindly bike shop had an automatic pump for passers-by to use, which meant I could give my tyres a quick top-up with minimal effort.

I can’t say I read the instructions

Münster has the only campsite for miles around, and it’s a monster. I needed to do my laundry so decided to check in in the afternoon, and get that out of the way.

Grand entrance to the campsite

There are rabbits in the field where I pitched my tent. Fortunately they seem to be respectful of the campers and the area is not awash with droppings!

Campsite rabbit

Just for a change the sunny day turned to a rainy one. Here is the storm heading over to the campsite:

Nice gradient effect

By the time my laundry was complete it was pouring with rain. After an hour or two it cleared and I was able to hang up the t-shirts that couldn’t be tumbled dried on my impromptu washing line:

Laundry day

I went back into Münster in the evening. Unfortunately it started pouring again whilst I was out and by the time I got back I was soaked. Into dry clothes and off to sleep with the sound of the rain on the tent.

Havixbeck to Münster, 42 km. Total so far, 547 km.

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  1. James, so how’s day 8. Looks brilliant so far apart from the searches for B&B and occasional rain discomfort.You seem to have travelled so far its difficult to believe you were here last Saturday. Hope all’s well and everything’s still working, best wishes, Dad.


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