Day 13 : Levelling out

Just over the road was a backerei, so I was able to have a couple of croissants for breakfast with my coffee.

The morning was filled with hills so was a bit of a workout.

As the day went on, the course flattened out and there was some very pleasant pedalling.

Cycling through a forest

I wasn’t having any luck in finding anywhere to get lunch, until I found a village with a bar that was open. They didn’t have food on the menu but the lady very kindly made me a sandwich, which was very much appreciated!

Sandwich and beer €4.50.

Weather was fine all day.

A village en route

I reached Gemünden am Main in the afternoon, so stopped off for some yogurt and banana nourishment.

I’m trying not to waste away here

There were a lot of train spotters on a bridge waiting for a certain train to arrive which turned up as I was cycling over the bridge, so I took a picture too. I was expecting a steam train, but this turned up. I am sure it is special somehow…

The red engine, James

My destination for the evening was a campsite at Karlstadt am Main which was situated next to the river and a short walk from the town centre.

The campsite was only €7, which included free use of the open air pool. As soon as I had got the tent up I went for a swim and must have spent an hour in the pool as the sun was going down, with nice views of the tree lined hills.

Swimming complex

After the swim I went into the town centre and had dinner – fish and rice, feeling healthy!

Karlstadt – lively small town

At midnight, the church here sounded 4 bells to signify the hour, then 24 bells for the time. Five minutes later a church with incorrect clock then rang 12.

Mitten to Karlstadt am Main, 84 km. Total so far = 1,130 km.

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  1. Hi James,
    your journal makes for a great read! Looks like you’re making good progress. We’ll keep the beer cold for you. Weissbier that is, not any old German beer. See you next week! Hilla & Greg


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