Day 14 : Going cross country

Up early, to find the river by the campsite blanketed by mist.

Fog on the Tyne..

Once the sun made its way into the valley it soon cleared away the mist. After my porridge and coffee, one of the caravaners at the campsite gave me a banana in respect of my journey ahead.

The morning’s cycling was on decent tarmaced paths alongside the river. Nice and flat and comfortable cycling.

I saw lots of vineyards today but I’ve not tried any of the German wine yet. I think I reached Würzburg around 11.30.


I stopped for a ‘proper’ coffee in the town centre.

Würzberg 2

Not long after leaving I decided to divert from the main cycling route which was heading North with the river, and make my way East across country towards Nürnberg. The roads soon got very hilly, as I cycled from village to village.

Looking for a place to stay

With no campsites nearby (this was proper farming country) and a need to charge my devices, I found a guesthouse that was on the way and checked in.

Sun setting when I got to my room

Dinner was a carp with salad on the side.

Karlstadt am Main to Market Taschendorf, 103 km. Total so far = 1,233 km.

11 thoughts on “Day 14 : Going cross country”

  1. 102km on only porridge banana coffee and fish salad not bad going! Never knowingly had carp. I know they can grow to enormous sizes and are popular in some parts of the continent.

  2. Hello James,

    i like to read your stories about your trip and i´m glad that i met you in Bielefeld. I would wirte more but my english is not so good. I hope to improve it in London next year.
    Enjoy your trip.


  3. Blimey gouv’ner! At this rate, we’ll probably see you tomorrow!!
    SO looking forward to your allbeit short visit!!! Cycle safely!! Kxx


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