Day 16 : Laundry day 2 – this time it’s persil-nal

Having spotted laundry facilities at the campsite the previous evening I decided I would take the morning off cycling to have some clean clothes to wear.

I soon joined back with the canal, which has some very large locks:

Big lock

I stumbled upon a busy backerei and ordered the ‘New Yorker’ breakfast which could have fed a family of four for a week. I ate it all (never knowing when the next stop might be..).

German village..

Today’s cycling was lots of hills, but none too taxing. Lots of gravel paths too.

Into the woods again

One village I went through had a volksfest going on – a beer tent, lots of food and lots of activity.

Festival time

Someone had got creative with this fire hydrant:

Happy hydrant

Weather was on my side today.

A German church

And some more creativity with these toddlers jeans:


I reached my destination campsite at a decent hour (the sun was still out!) And pitched my tent by the river. Then headed to get dinner at the campsite – currywurst and fries. Here in the South, the dialect is very different to the North and I find it difficult to understand anything being spoken. Managed to get my order in though 🙂


This campsite is popular for kayakers and hangliderers. You might be able to spot some in this pic:

View from the dining table

Eckersmülen to Irfersdorf, 56 km. Total so far = 1,399 km.

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