Day 15 : Through Nürnberg

Leaving the guesthouse, I set out to rejoin the cycle network.

I came across this peculiar work of art of a cyclist being bitten on the bum by what looked like a carp, and hoped it wasn’t a sign of things to come:


Carpe bottom

Many German villages and town have these totem-pole-like trees:


Very difficult to decorate tree

My satnav guided me through some nice forests:


A forest

Back to cycling along the canal.. No more hills for a while!


Rhine-Main-Danube canal

I reached Nuremberg around lunchtime. The old town centre was strangely quiet. I cycled around a bit and came to another part of town which was a bit busier.



And found a place that served noodles and also provided shelter from the rain shower.



As I cycled out of town, I found other parts looked very interesting, and realised I’d only seen a fraction of what it has to offer, but need to come back another time when I can do it properly.


Nürnberg bahnhof

It started raining again persistently. At one of the heavier points I discovered a snack in my front pannier that I’d bought earlier that day in case of such an emergency..


Tasty salty chewy bread snack

I cycled on for a few hours towards a campsite. I stopped off along the way at a supermarket.

At one point I saw a deer in a forest I was cycling past. I stopped the bike and went back, but the deer had moved on.

I arrived at the camp site at 10 minutes to 8pm, checked in, put up the tent, and went to the camp site cafe for a drink.

Markt Taschendorf to Eckersmülen, 110 km. Total so far = 1,343 km.

3 Replies to “Day 15 : Through Nürnberg”

  1. Excellent progress! I do hope you’ve partaken in a Nürnberger or three while in that part of the world…


    1. Might have to re-visit!


  2. I recommend that you cycle a bit faster when you pass any rivers or lakes!


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