Day 19 : Tourist / rest day

Today (Wednesday) I took a break from cycling so I could be a tourist for the day in Munich.

The day started with me breaking my glasses so I found an optician and in German explained I had broken my glasses and could she help me. She understood what I had said and was able to help. German speaking landmark success! And glasses fixed.

I walked over to the BMW museum and spent some time there. I think the 50s and 60s were the most stylish decades and I’d be happy driving any one of these:




After the exhibition I toyed with the idea of buying a German touring motorbike which I’ve had my eyes on for a while, and riding that back, but I don’t even have my driving license with me, so that quickly put an end to that!

I had lunch and then went for a walk in search of art nouveau / jugenstil type architecture in Munich, following a guide I had found online.





Then on to see the Villa Stuck. An early 1900s house lived in by the artist Stuck. A highly decorative house that shows some of his art and also holds exhibitions.

I got talking to one of the gallery attendents who gave me a history of Stuck, a tour of his art, and some tips on where I should head on my cycling tour. Excellent stuff!








After this I headed to an outdoor shop ‘Globetrotter’ to get a light long-sleeved top to protect against the sun / provide an extra layer for when it’s slightly chilly, and to get a sleeping bag liner and long-johns for those cold nights in the tent. It’s a huge store and even has a large pool in the basement where zou can try out your kayak.

In the evening I met up with Hilla and Greg and we ate at an Italian restaurant in Preysingstraße. For dessert I had kaiserschmarrn with apple sauce. Highly recommended!

Many thanks again to Hilla and Greg for their very welcoming hospitality and a couple of great evenings 😀

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  1. James,You made it then! – despite some discomfort and some surmountable technical problems. Well done and well prepared.
    Obviously really good to meet your friends.Now all you have to do is get back. You’ve probably now decided on your route by now. All I can suggest is maybe to return through Germany via the Rhine valley or France via Strasbourg Reims Nancy etc. to Paris. Then take Eurostar to avoid the not very interesting ride to Calais, and Calais. Love and best wishes, Mum and Dad.


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