Day 20 : Mountains

Leaving Munich at lunchtime I worked my way to the Isar and then followed it South. There are many parts of the Isar that are used as a beach within Munich:

There’s also a stretch of the river with surfers

I stopped for lunch at a biergarten at a fish farm. The river next to the garden had plenty of fish:


As I went further south, mountains appeared on the horizon, and worked they way closer.


I reached Bad Tölz around 5pm. It’s a pretty town, and judging by the cars and the poseurs in the high street cafes, it’s a wealthy town. I stopped off at an organic food store to pick up some groceries and beer.

Bad Tölz

Even the camp site is expensive – 14 euros – most expensive yet. For that I get a muddy bit of ground, but at least the tent pegs went in easy. Dinner was  ravioli with olive pesto all fresco.

14 euro pitch

Munich to Bad Tölz, 70 km. Total so far = 1,687 km.

Sat nav had plenty of issues today and also managed to delete half the route after crashing. Thanks Garmin.

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