Day 30 : Where is everybody?

The hotel I stayed in was pretty modern with things like an iPod dock and Nespresso coffee machine in the room. Interesting to note the non-Nestlé coffee capsules which made great tasting coffee.

A French body has made Nestlé remove claims that Nespresso caps have to be used in its machines

I didn’t have any decent map of the Eurovelo 6 route and wasted a bit of time trying to find it – the online route I was looking at didn’t bear much resemblance to reality. So I chose my own route and set off.

Old industrial works in Monceau

Lots of gentle hills through the countryside in the hot sun. I hardly saw a soul, and very little was open in the small towns I went through, until I reached Gueugnon where I came across one place that was open, and by good fortune, it was a restaurant. Midi served until 2pm it said outside – I checked the time and it was 1:35pm – very good! I ordered some spring rolls, a Thai curry and some white Burgundy. It was all very nice.

Digoin – a little forlorn

I was heading to a camp site at Digoin which had got good reviews. Digoin was not like the other towns – it had quite a few dusty bars and restaurants open.

And when I had almost reached the campsite there were huge crowds at some kind of fayre.

I checked into the campsite and pitched my tent, then went back to investigate. Entry was free and it was a very large bizarre assemblage of craft sellers, people selling guttering, car manufacturers, sausages, cheeses, wines, wedding planning – you name it, it was here! I took the opportunity to get a snack so I wouldn’t have to make my own dinner, and bought a few craft beers.

I headed back to the campsite and did my laundry, and whilst waiting for the laundry I made good use of the small campsite pool.

Doing the laundry. My feet have sandal stripes and I have a cyclist’s tan, which I’ve done my best to prevent with sunscreen

Montceau-les-Mines to Digoin, 58 km. Total so far = 2,676 km.

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