Day 31 : It’s hot out here

Packed up a dry tent, and set off to re-join the canal. I wasn’t sure where exactly the Eurovelo 6 route was but I made my way along the canal and used my GPS to get me to the destination town.

Murky green canal

Around lunchtime I came across a cafe in a small village. I asked if I could get a small meal and got a ‘you must me crazy’ look, so we settled on a beer.

But I’ve reached la Loire. In fact today I just touched on it as the roads then took me on a course that was about 1km away from the river, but following its path.

Ooh la loire

Lunch was at a place that pretended to be posh, but the food and service were average, but I’m glad I found somewhere that was open in time.

Ah yes – the Citroën BX..

The afternoon was very hot, with clear blue skies, and it was a relief to find a campsite at Decize where they sold ice lollies and refrigerated cola at the reception.

On the the small island at Decize

I put up the tent then cycled into the town centre to find a shop to buy something light to eat for dinner, and also found a nice bat to have a ‘biere supérieure’, which turned out to be Belgian.

Une chouffe bière

Back to the campsite for my dinner and admiring  the big skies at sunset, which doesn’t translate to well to the camera.

Big skies

A murder of crows decided to move a few hundred metres to find a new place to sit. They flew straight over head – I’ve never seen so many together in one place.

Lots and lots of noisy crows

Shortly after an electrical storm started in the distance. Lightning flashes every minute and distant rumbles. I retired to the tent.

Digoin to Decize, 83 km. Total so far = 2,759 km.

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