Day 33 : I could get used to this

Awake to another sunny day in France!

Inside le petit château vert it’s jaune

I skipped breakfast at the campsite as I’ve now run out of gas for my stove. So I cycled a bit until I found an open café, and breakfast turned out to be a coffee and a packet of crisps.

Café crème

I spotted this true French classic rotting in a field.

2CV6 Special

I cycled past Sancerre with its large south-facing slopes filled with vines.

I can’t remember where this was taken

Lunch was some pasta in a mushroom sauce which was just a supporting act for the star of the show:

Lunch WIN

One area that I went through had been transformed with lots of art installations amongst the trees.


Cycling was pretty straightforward today, mainly following the river, and not straying from the Eurovelo route too often.

The long and winding rue

Hay stacks here are the same as everywhere else and not the kind in Monet’s paintings.

Hay bales, 2014.

I’m now in chateau country and have seen a few already this afternoon.

Another château

I reached my destination town around 6pm, and headed what Google maps lead me to believe was a campsite but it turned out to be a shop. My plan B was a campsite 10km away, but as I started heading for that I stumbled across another much closer.

I checked in and set up the tent. There’s a small snack hut here which was open so I had dinner there. Also pleased to report this campsite has loos with toilet seats and toilet paper! Happy days.


Pouilly-sur-Loire to Sully-sur-Loire, 111 km. Total so far = 2,971 km.

10 thoughts on “Day 33 : I could get used to this”

  1. No cheap high-strengh ‘cider’ in blue plastic bottles i notice! What’s wrong with these people? They don’t know what they’re missing☺ And no kebab shops. Must be a bit of a drag having to sample all these fine wines. Oh well, At least you’ve got loo roll.
    Its got to be better than nettles.
    Keep it rolling, Brother. Fantastic stuff ×

    • Nettles! When I head to a bar/cafe to get a coffee around 9am, there’s very often someone in there drinking already, but it’s always wine.. And the kebab shops and high strength cans exist but I’m on holiday so abstaining 😉 Love to Ang and Sam xx


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