Day 32 : Val de Loire

The campsite I stayed at managed to dodge the rain overnight. The crows made a bit of a racket, but all in all a good stay – great welcome by the staff and clean, modern facilities.

Whilst waiting for my campsite patisserie delivery I chatted to an Australian couple heading east on Eurovelo 6. They warned me the trail was pretty rough in the west, so that’s something I’ve got coming.

Good to be back on the proper cycle route, and it was an easy morning’s cycling.

Pain chocolat – much tastier than porridge

The route was flat and followed a canal that had been built in the 1820s to provide a reliable transport system alongside the Loire.

Here the canal crosses the Loire

I happened across a place to eat lunch at  lunchtime. Nice. Poached eggs for starters were pretty spectacular tasting! Main course was a salmon parcel with potatoes and ratatouille. And fromage blanc for dessert.

Les oeufs with an oof

And then more cycling.

I’ve seen lots of farm machinery on this trip. Old tractors look great.

There was a bit of a headwind but not too bad. Sunny blue skies again. It’s only when I stop that the heat bothers me, so as long as I stop in the shade things work out pretty well.

La Loire – beautiful

The Loire is a wide gentle river, although there is plenty of capacity all along the route for lots more water, so I imagine it gets big in the springtime.

I’ll stick with my Brompton, thanks

Tonight I am camping in Pouilly-sur-loire. The campsite is on the edge of a minor channel of la Loire. The camping season is pretty much over and there’s only a few others here. I’ve yet to find a French site that has toilet paper and toilet seats – it’s one or the other.

Le petit château vert

I’m typing this on the river bank under a clear sky and the fullish moon is just making an appearance – it’s all very nice!

Decize to Pouilly-sur-loire, 101 km. Total so far = 2,860 km.

5 thoughts on “Day 32 : Val de Loire”

  1. Wow☺Looks beautiful ,Bro.
    Shame about the toilet situaion but this is France you’re talking about here.
    They’ve only just got toilet roll there,so give ’em “le break”
    Well proud of you,Brother. You’re a legend on wheels! I’m both astounded and v.interested in your progress and blogging.
    Top drawer,James . You’re my hero!! X

  2. James I enjoy reading your blog… It is my bedtime story!
    I noticed that Garmin shows an average of 3000+ calories spent per day but your food coverage only accounts for 2000kcal. Do you mind to add a few more picture of yourself to make sure that you are not left just with bones?


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