Day 35 : More Loire

Breakfast was a croissant and a coffee at the hotel, then back on the road.

Another easy day’s cycling, the majority of it on traffic free roads.

Lunch at Amboise:

Another château

Someone likes collecting enamelled tin tea pots:

Anyone fancy a tea?

There are a lot of these water towers about. I quite like them.

French water tower

Lots more cycling by the Loire..

Look at that sky

This is a photo of a French fighter jet

Not the best camera for this kind of thing

Lots more vineyards. Also seeing a lot of sunflower fields, but they’re passed their prime now and look a little sad.

More vines

Tours is a big town. Not too photogenic. I picked up a sandwich whilst there.

Tours looms behind this lake in a park

Another French car for the collection.

Classic barn find

My first choice of campsite was closed, so I went to the municipal campsite in Langeais instead. After pitching the tent I cycled into town and found a pizza restaurant open. They had the normal 4 cheese pizza on the menu, but also a 6 cheese one, so I had to try that. Needless to say I didn’t want to see the cheese board after that.

The olives make it healthy, right?

Then back to the campsite to bed.

Church in Langeais

Blois to Langeais, 110 km. Total so far = 3,209 km.

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